Egencie welcomes Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander is celebrating its 90th anniversary and we’re honored to be working with them (yes, it took us 90 years of cold calling). The company has been doing great without us obviously, it was established in 1923 to “create dolls that make little girls happy” and they’re still doing it today. The dolls are also extremely popular with collectors of all ages.

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Egencie releases My Doll’s Life® App

Ēgencie™ created My Doll’s Life® Online for girls ages 4-11. The app allows kids to play 4 different mini-games to earn coins and stars that can be used to buy, place and arrange items in the 5th mini-game called: “Setting The Stage”. Ēgencie™ brought together the ability to play mini-games and the ability to use those awards for digital items all in the same App. Best of all, the game was done fairly inexpensively, and was made to be cross-platform (both iOS and Android) allowing Sophia’s to use the app as a social buzz creator and traffic builder to their websites.

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Egencie Launches

One of the many great brands from Kahn Lucas Lancaster,, brings beautiful occasion dresses, legging sets and more to your beautiful little girls. View the new site here: The site presents a great adaptive design, solid construction for web and mobile devices, integration to an ERP system and all on the Magento Enterprise […]

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Egencie adds new IT services

We’ve always helped our clients with their domains, DNS and servers but now we’re excited to formally introduce these services. Many companies simply don’t have the bandwidth to protect their technology infrastructure and software. And that’s where Ēgencie™ can help. For rates lower than most IT companies, Ēgencie’s staff can quickly come in and protect your IP […]

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